Local Beer Pubs in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you’re like me, when you go out of town, there is one important question you need to answer before you head out. Where can I get a good beer? So, I set out to answer that very question for you. Here is what I found:

Scottsdale Beer Company

The Scottsdale Beer Company is located on Shae Blvd in Scottsdale. It’s menu boasts of more than five IPA’s, a couple amber ales, a Scottish, even a hefeweizen. The Texas Tea Double Chocolate Stout with an ABV of 10% might be a winner! Enjoy some homemade food with a glass of beer brewed onsite. Scottsdale Beer Company prides themselves on brewing local beer and investing back into the community.

Four Peaks Grill and Tap

With four locations in Arizona to serve you, this one can be found on North Hayden Road in Scottsdale. Their flagship beer is the “Kilt-Lifter” Scottish ale, described as a full-bodied ale with caramel and roasted barley flavors. The building the brewery is built in was an old creamery.  The building still holds the original design, built with red brick, wooden ceilings and a glass clerestory.  They also host a variety of events. Click here to visit Four Peaks website!

Fate Brewing Company

Find your fate at on Shea Blvd. They believe fate brings together people over a good meal and beer. They brew five core beers and have them on tap at all times. The Candy Bar Stout sounds delicious, brewed with peanuts, vanilla and coco. With what appears to be a very inviting atmosphere, they invite you to join them for a pint and a pie. They’ve got a great variety of crafted wheat beers and IPAs and much more. They serve lunch, brunch and dinner.  There are 30 beers on tap with rotating guest beer. They host events and private parties.

Papago Brewing

Papago Brewing can be found on Mcdowell. The selection of beers is incredible. And the coconut stout is one to rave about. The atmosphere is great to sit and have a couple of drinks with a friend and then grab a six pack to go.This pub originally started as a  bottle shop, home brew supply store and tasting room.  It is now a full service restaurant. They serve 30 beers on tap, rotating the line up constantly, serving German, English and American craft beers.

Bad Water Brewing

Bad Water is another great place to grab a drink with a friend in old town Scottsdale. The Pub is located on Brown Ave and marks the spot for this great little find. Their slogan is, Sometimes bad decisions make great stories. Check Groupon for a little discount on the tasting flights. With only three signature beers and promise not to brew weak,  the private selection leaves a little to be desired, but you can taste some of the other great options from around the area. The personally craft a lager, a saison and a sessional light IPA.

There are many breweries in Scottsdale.  Find your spot, grab a friend and enjoy a beer with a meal.

Butterfly Wonderland, Scottsdale, Arizona

We’ve all had the experience of either sitting on a park bench and watching a butterfly gracefully flutter by or even tried catching butterflies with a net to take home as a pet as a kid. Most of us has imagined at one time or another what life would be like if we were a butterfly. Life would seem so much easier. I’d flitter around without a care in the world. They are so peaceful and majestic looking creatures and their beautiful patterns are so awe inspiring. Wouldn’t you just love having butterflies surround you and watch their true beauty? Well you can!

Butterfly Wonderland is located in the wonderful city of Scottsdale in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and is a one of a kind experience. This Wonderland is the largest indoor butterfly pavilion in America, featuring more than 3,000 butterflies. This spectacular building includes an amazing glass atrium that provides the ideal tropical rainforest habitat where thousands of butterflies from all over the world can fly around freely.

All the beauty inside from the flowers, trees and plants are all chosen specifically for the species of butterflies flying within. What’s even more amazing is that you’ll see honey bees in action making honey as they also keep all those beautiful flowers around the Butterfly atrium pollinated.

Once you step inside the Wonderland, you can be inches away from experiencing live chrysalis as they emerge into beautiful butterflies and start their new adventure flying around the atrium. You’ll also be able to learn the amazing transformation process as a caterpillar turns into chrysalis and then into a beautiful butterfly.

The Wonderland also includes a state of the art theater which displays an educational 3D showing such as “Flight of the Butterflies”. During this 3D show you will feel as if butterflies are flying out of screen and scotsdale arizona butterfly exhibitall around you.

There are also interactive nature exhibits such as “Rivers of the Amazon” for the kids. Here you’ll be able to see underwater creatures from the Amazon such as African Cichlids, Pacu fish, and other exotic fish. You will also have the opportunity to touch and meet a variety of stingrays.

Lastly, they have an exhibit where you are able to explore all the desert insects that are all over Arizona. A few of these include scorpions, spiders, walking sticks, and many other unique creatures.

On your way out, don’t forget to check out all the wonderful butterfly treasures that gift shop has to offer or grab a bite to eat at the café as you all talk about all your favorite things about the atrium.

So whether you are a local to Scottsdale, passing through, or looking to plan a vacation, be sure to put the Butterfly Wonderland on your list of things to do because it is truly an amazing experience for everyone of all ages. Be sure not to forget your camera as you’ll be able to capture such beautiful pictures of nature that will surround you.